"3 Ways To Hack Your Beliefs"
For one, the subconscious mind actually has no depictions between reality and mentality.

Our beliefs create our reality. Believing that you deserve that promotion, that pay raise, that family, to break away from your 9-5, to build the most results-focused company in your subconscious brain acts against you because your conscious brain is automatically wired to only see the negative outcomes. So we need to hack it a little if reaching your full potential is actually something you deeply desire.

By no means am I a psychologist, or the 'guru' in this area, but it's what I've found to work very well in my own beliefs during tough times.

1. Keep the promises you make to yourself

These are the most important promises to make because your behavior has to match the promises. Meaning your work ethic, your drive, your resilience to exceed, and expectations.
Behavior and belief are linked together, it's impossible for you to believe that you deserve what you want if your behavior doesn't match your belief.

Lebron James didn't get where he is by having limiting beliefs. There was nothing in his mind that stopped him from believing that he deserved every bit of what he received because his actions and behavior backed it up.

You're the professional in your niche, industry, market... you're the best, so why limit what you're worth? Why allow yourself to continuously think on the level of a JV high school bball player when you're in the major leagues?

Promise yourself that you will get what you want and that you will perform at a level that is required to get it. And don't break that promise.

2. Rehearse the RIGHT stories

When I first started in marketing, I went around to so many different Facebook groups and posted in the groups that I would help anyone with their marketing campaigns, facebook ads, sales funnels... just do a free audit and give my input, and even re-do some of their things for free just to get some experience.

The response I received was pitiful... about 4 hours later - 30 comments - all haters. No one gave a crap, and ultimately it led to me wondering if this was even for me.

I left the post up, although I wanted to delete it out of embarrassment. Another couple of hours went by, more haters. This post ended up with about 50 comments... before ONE person said ok help me. So weird no one wanted free help, but the second it costs something, it's more valuable.

Anyway, the point is that I was telling myself that my service costs nothing, that I needed to do it for free because of my experience. That was my belief.

And you're going to experience the same story in reality that you rehearse mentally.

Professional athletes rehearse the outcome that they want. If they're going to cultivate the right beliefs to win a championship, they can't be rehearsing a losing story.

Rehearse success, you have to learn how to rehearse the right stories, our mind automatically thinks about the things we don't want rather than the things we do want.

it's a muscle, exercise.

3. Protect your environment with fury and fire

I'm talking ruthless protection of your environment.
The fastest way to get in shape is to spend your time with people in better shape than you. You'll naturally gravitate and adopt the tendencies that allow them the mindset to get to that point.

The fastest way to make a $100,000 a month is to hang out with people that would be utterly pissed if all they made was $100k and guess what, you'll naturally adopt those tendencies too.

Your environment will work against the person you want to become if you're not surrounded by people who push you to that next level. It needs to become normalized... if you're going to reach up to that next level and excel, you need to normalize your season. It needs to become second nature though.

Am I going to eat mushrooms on my steak? Heck no I hate mushrooms.

Am I going to make less than $10,000 this month? Heck no, I perform at a much higher capacity than that.

Normalize your environmental expectations. Sometimes you have to up the level of your environment to inspire the stories you rehearse and empower the level of growth you deserve.

Now go get 'em, tiger,

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