Who Do You Typically Work Best With:
Our Lead & Marketing systems works best for Loan officers & brokers who are closing at a minimum of 20 million in yearly sales volume and have a prove track record of successfully closed inbound internet leads. We currently have Clients producing over 60 million a year in loan volume.

How much do you recommend I budget for Facebook advertising?
At least $15-25 per day (or more) to get started.
At scale, it’s possible to spend $100’s and even $1,000’s per day in some locations.

How much do your services cost?
Our monthly services fee is much less than your commission to close one deal and we do NOT make a percentage of your Facebook advertising budget.

Why should I use you vs. do it myself?
If you’d like to spend the time, money, and resources learning and doing our job — then maybe you should.
Otherwise, hire us because we have more data than you :)

What’s the cost per lead?
$6 per lead is average. Sometimes they’re in the $2-5 or $7-10 per lead range. They can be more when targeting VA Loans. It depends on your target geographic area and the averages that we see in that area.

Are leads short or long form?
Both. For short form leads we use Facebook’s Lead Ads platform. For long form ads we use custom survey software such as Survey Gizmo. The majority of our clients choose to receive long-form leads.

Are leads shared or exclusive?
Exclusive. We work with only two private clients per “geographic exclusive” (region, state, county, city, or zip code basis).
Whatever leads we help you generate are yours — we never sell or share your leads.

What’s the lead quality and quantity?
Here’s a few big “thumb” rules — results vary based on your phone skills and follow up: With our FollowUp Edge software we see contact rate in the first 14 days as high as 70% and as low as 25%. You should convert 2-6% into closed deals within 12 months, mostly after month four (Facebook is not a ‘search’ media, so most leads are early stage buyers and take time to mature). Volume can be significant depending on your location, campaign, budget, and other factors. 
(We generate anywhere from 4-6 leads per day — to 100’s of leads per day, or more.)

Do you have "govey leads?" (VA, USDA, FHA, etc.)
Yes we have funnels that can generate specific "Govey" leads and sub products of those leads, for instance VA-Cashouts Vs. VA- Home Buyer.

Can I see some of your ads?
Yes, we require this as part of our onboarding process.
Fill out this form and we’ll schedule a screen share demo.

Are the leads TCPA compliant?
We make no representations about TCPA compliance. We do however add all your personal and company’s disclaimer language to the Landing pages where necessary. For other compliance concerns, please schedule a 15-minute discovery call so that we can answer your questions.

What’s the ROI?
We make no representation about ROI — we can only offer insight into factors that contribute to your success. Though through the years we have had clients make 10x their investment and others fail to hit ROI due to factors in their conversion process. All Results vary from client to client.

What’s the difference between a successful and unsuccessful client?
Expectations and approach: Successful clients understand Facebook is primarily for building your pipeline, which means most of the leads generated will convert LATER. They also understand that working “Internet” leads (including Facebook-generated) often requires a different approach than working referrals.
Monetization and process: Successful clients understand there are multiple ways to monetize leads, and have different processes to maximize overall profitability.
These include having dedicated staff to call, text, and email leads — auto-emails to support and supplement manual efforts over an extended period of time — processes for referring leads to other professional service providers — processes for getting referrals from customers and clients, tracking for everything, and more.

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