Take Back Control Over Your Business And Never Rely On Another Realtor To Provide For Your Income
The Effortless Approach Mortgage Leaders Are Taking To Take Control Of Their Realtor Partnerships And Generate Quality Leads Like Clockwork
Homebuyer Lead-Attraction Funnel
Generating home buyers is the easy part... converting potential home buyers into paying customers is where it can get tricky. Our Home Buyer Attraction Funnel helps you position yourself as the expert in your community!
Nurture & Follow Up System
Our Proprietary follow up software generates does all the heavy lifting for you. Direct response rates upwards of 70% of the leads generated, so that you can get back to doing what you love, and focus on what you do best, closing loans.
"Direct-2-Consumer" Sales
Going direct to the consumer is something this industry is not entirely familiar with, and understanding how is a big part of success in a digital world. We help you understand the meaning, the psychology, and get a higher ROI.
The Digital Shift In The Mortgage Industry And What You Can Do To Not Get Left Behind

One of my goals is to put a dent in the Mortgage industry...
Leave it different from how I found it...
Impact it in such a positive way that it's never the same again.
Some of the most important stats in the industry have gone to complete sh... crap. And it's pathetic in my opinion.
3 Ways To Hack Your Beliefs

For one, the subconscious mind actually has no depictions between reality and mentality. Our beliefs create our reality. Believing that you deserve that promotion, that pay raise, that family, to break away from your 9-5, to build the most results-focused company in your industry...
What Are The Most Successful Mortgage Providers In The US Doing To Outperform Their Competition?

I'm Cody, I head up business development for my company MortgageConvert. A marketing company that is focused on helping loan officers, branch managers, and mortgage bankers alike draw more attention to their services in their local market by going...
9 Questions You Need To Be Asking Your Lead Provider ASAP

You need to know what to ask your lead provider before making any kind of educated decision and most of the time you don't think to ask these questions... 
Do You Need Multiple Campaigns? Multiple Locations?
There are plenty of options when selecting a marketing agency to run Facebook™ Ads for lead generation... but very few can offer their clients multiple different campaign strategies for multiple different products.
Qualified Home Buyers
Cash Out / Refinance
Veteran Programs
First Responder
No More Sharing Leads. No More Buying Donuts.
Generate Your Own Leads & Get Back In The Driver Seat

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