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MortgageConvert is the #1 source for mortgage lead generation tips, strategies, and automation systems.

My Name is Cody Baker

I teach mortgage professionals how to use online marketing to dramatically increase and convert online leads into new clients to grow their businesses, teams, and partnerships.

Spend enough time on here and put my strategies into action - and you'll have your very own home buyer lead generation engine.

I've been doing marketing for over 9 years, and I've been in the mortgage and real estate industries since 2015.
Getting my start in social media marketing while still in college at Texas Tech University, I started marketing for my parents company and quickly grew to managing social media accounts for over 20 businesses.

Since then I've advanced my expertise in online advertising to generate leads for businesses across the world, and quickly found my passion for helping local consumers achieve their dream of home ownership with the best possible rates and bonuses they could find.

MortgageConvert only has 1 purpose.

Help 1,000 mortgage teams double their yearly volume by January 1st, 2021.
Cody, where do I start?
I recommend taking a look at the Free Resources below. 

- Joining our Free Facebook Group called The Home Buyer Happy Hour
- Watching the Conversion Masterclass with Chuck Baudrau of Prime Lending
- Downloading our 5-Days To Freedom follow up template

It's where you'll find marketing strategies to expanding your reach in your market, landing exclusive referral partnership agreements with top-producing agents, and unique ways to grow your mortgage business in an ever-changing digital industry.

It's where you'll learn to generate your own leads, acquire loyal referral partners, convert more of your inbound leads into clients, and position yourself as the expert in your local market without relying on Shared Leads from Zillow, Networking Events, or Dodgy Realtors that don't care for your donuts.
Free Resources
3 Texts To Freedom
Industry average contact rate on internet leads is 5-10%. This 3-text proven-to-convert follow-up script is the baseline that every lender needs in order to be successful with consumer direct efforts. This specific template averages over 70% response on inbound internet leads and is a catalyst to our client's success.
Home Buyer Marketing Network
Join our free group on Facebook where Mortgage & Real Estate professionals come to learn about digital marketing, social media, generating leads, automation systems, sales conversions, and more! 
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Leave it different from how I found it...
Impact it in such a positive way that it's never the same again.
Some of the most important stats in the industry have gone to complete sh... crap. And it's pathetic in my opinion.
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