"The Digital Shift In The Mortgage Industry And What You Can Do To Not Get Left Behind"
Cody here, one of my goals is to put a dent in the Mortgage industry, leave it different from how I found it, impact it in such a positive way that it's never the same again.

Some of the most important stats in the industry have gone to complete crap. And it's pathetic in my opinion...

Nearly 90% of new LO's in the last 5 years HAVE FAILED to see their 24-month anniversary.

Which has caused the average age of LO's to raise from 46 to 55 years of age.

Not to mention that 30 YEARS AGO the average LO closed 4-6 loans per month... and now... can you guess? 1-3.

It's actually going backwards...
But it also has never been more clear as to why.
The industry is changing from how it has always been and it's going digital.

(An upgrading in my opinion)
But i'm a "millennial" so, of course I think it's an upgrade. Others - not so much.

Want to know something else that's true? 
Most LO's suck at social media.
And if you take offense to me saying that, allow me to explain.
If no one has told you that you suck yet, you more than likely contribute to the stats I mentioned above.
Reason why I believe that?
Because it's human psychology to avoid saying the HARD things that would actually help someone understand what to improve in order to do better, improve, or grow.

We avoid them because it feels like confrontation, and most people don't like confrontation, so we let people continue to suck, which is much more damaging.

Now let's put our "millennial" pants on so we can do something about it.

Grab a pen and paper real quick and I'll tell you PART ONE of the "SECRET SAUCE"...

You ready? Here it is.

Know where you are going and be relentless in getting there

Things don't happen to you, they happen because of you. 

If a ship sets sail without a captain and crew, can we be sure that it arrives at its destination?

Kinda up to chance isn't it?

However if we man that ship with a crew and a captain to lead the way, what happens to the odds of that ship arriving to its destination? 📈 

What about if it gets off course? Does the crew and captain just throw their hands up in defeat? 

Like "Ahhhh crap. Turn around guys, go back" Lol... no.

They correct their course, and continue on to the destination, and the only difference is the strategy to get there. Relentlessness.

You have to be relentless in testing what works for your market, your team, and yourself WITHOUT worrying about what others are doing. 

They're not you. 

YOU are the best thing that you can offer to customers that choose you.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

And if you get off course, pull out your maps, consult with the crew, and figure it out.

Figure it out, or get left behind. In order for more people to choose you, they have to know you're there. 

Crazy concept I know.

Sucking at social media isn't helping you nor is the excuse you use to convince yourself it's not necessary. 

You suck at social media because you're living in fear of what others might think OR, you're afraid of getting embarrassed or of failing.

Want to know the reality of that too?

*whispers* Nobody cares... 🤯

They're worried about themselves as much as you're worried about you, that's a proven thing.

Ready for PART 2 of this "Secret"? Here it is.

There are 3 Key Pillars you need to have in the business to be successful in an industry that is going digital.

I know you've heard it from me.

Or from any of the other 10,000 mortgage marketers that advertise for your attention.

So here they are (again):

1. Build a Lead Engine.

Pro Tip: Build it ONCE so you can have new leads (exclusively) whenever you need to boost your pipeline or partner-roster.

2. Leverage AI and automation.

Pro Tip: AI to identify the exact prospects you need (or want) with and the automation for volume support.

3. Understand your market, and their sales cycle.

Pro Tip: If you're struggling to close more deals, my EXTREMELY educated (from experience) guess is that you're trying to get frisky with your audience before you've even offered to take them to dinner.

It's really that simple.

But Wait, There's More! (like the sham-wow guy)

What separates the Thrivers from the Survivors?

In my experience...

It's the ones like Jason (image below) that understands the necessity of social media, the systems necessary for quality control and volume, and the strategies to convert higher percentages than his competition.
It's those that find their money lane... and go all in. All in. Everyday. Until they get where they want to go.
And even when they get there… It's figuring out what level is next.

** Relentlessness ** what separates winners from losers. 

Most "winners"... have lost more times than you have even though about trying.

Ready to get off the bench?

Take control over the business?

Stop surviving and find ways to thrive?

Generate more leads than you know what to do with?
Like the image above? Then let's chat.
Ready to find new ways to automate your business and have a SYSTEM that does all the heavy lifting? Calling, Texting, Emailing...

Pipelines and automations...

Automated Appointment Booking...

Ready to get your calendar to look like Mike's below? (148 home buyer appointments in 1 month?)
Or to get over 40-50% of your leads to contact you first?
We're only bringing on 4 more teams before we stop simply because we want to focus very closely on you, your business, your team… and help you get where you're trying to go.
Without you... I can't reach my goal of changing the industry.

If it's time to flip the script...

Then it's worth the 30 minutes we spend building a Thrive-Focused action plan.

Link is below to book a time with myself or someone on my team... 

If nothing else... you at least come out with some really good insights into what's working in today's digital world around locking in those realtor partners and really solidifying your relationships.

I really hope we at least get the chance to chat!

Cody Baker
Founder of MortgageConvert™

Make 2019 Your Biggest 

Production Year Yet!

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